Protect Plants from Harsh Sun with Shade Dot - Instant spot-shading for plants made easy.

Instant Spot-shading Made Easy!

The plant Shade Dot is a great solution for spot-shading specific plants and garden      areas to control harsh sun.

Just place Shade Dot in any potted plant or     in the ground and point it toward the sun to bathe plants in gentle, diffused light during    the hottest hours of day. 

Angle and height are adjustable and the Dot's simple architectural design won't detract from the natural beauty of your garden.

Materials:  Made of transparent, UV-coated, corrugated polypropylene designed for use in rain or shine. The lightweight, sturdy diffusion disk resists weathering and retains insulating air, and plant Shade Dot is fully Recyclable. 

Check out the PHOTO GALLERY to learn how Shade Dot can help keep bugs off food plants without the use of pesticides.

Disk Diameter:  20"  Maximum Height:  36"

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